‘Position yourself confidently on-camera’

3.5 hour workshop

Do you dream of reaching a global audience by developing your on-camera skills?

This mini workshop will suit you if:

  • You are a speaker or public figure who would like to increase your influence, authority, and status within your industry
  • You are a business owner who wants to attract new customers
  • You’re a coach who wants to engage your clients by creating online training videos
  • You are a company who wants to leverage video as part of your digital marketing strategy
  • You are a Vlogger or Social Media Influencer who wants to further boost your income through YouTube and video streaming
  • You want a taster of what it’s like presenting to-camera and receive professional feedback before you commit to a full training program

Did you know...

Independent businesses and entrepreneurs’ are increasing their income up to 6-7 figures within a matter of weeks because they are choosing to present to camera and make their own video content.

They are also saving a lot of money too by decreasing their need to hire production companies!

We will work with you in presenting your own piece to camera whilst learning best practices for creating your own professional online content for live streaming, social media marketing, vlogging, personal websites and YouTube channels.

What should I expect from
The Red Carpet Academy Taster Workshop?

We offer best practices for speaking to the camera like a “celebrity expert”, alongside a presenting challenge where we provide an opportunity for you to record with us on-camera and immediately receive personal feedback.

Is this workshop suitable for me?

This workshop is designed for you should you wish to develop your presenting skills to create engaging video content and live streaming for your brand or business as well as social media marketing.

Our clients generally consist of speakers, coaches, CEO’s, business owners, entrepreneurs, presenters, social media influencers, spokespeople and public figures who want to enjoy the benefits of effortlessly speaking to camera with confidence.

If you’d like to get stuck straight in to our full training courses, 89% of our clients choose to start at The Novice.

Whether your goal is to increase your public authority, deliver pitch perfect presentations or create digital courses as an additional stream of income… the possibilities are endless!